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I acknowledge the risk associated with attending in-person events and am willing to accept those risks. I will not hold Video Marketing World, LLC or its employees responsible if I contract an illness as a result of participating in Video Marketing World 2022. I will adhere to any government mandated guidelines for proper social distancing and mask wearing if attending the in-person event.
I have read the Registration Agreement and agree to attend Video Marketing World 2022 in person.
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Registration Agreement

Congratulations! You have been selected to attend Video Marketing World 2022 as a friend of the event. This invitation covers the cost of registration for the main event on October 6th though 8th 2022. We select our recipients carefully because there is a cost associated with attending the event. In filling out this registration form you are committing to be in attendance of Video Marketing World 2022 in person. Your invitation is a special registration that we specifically reserve for you. If you accept this invitation and do not attend in-person, it may impact your being invited to attend future events. 
"As a first timer and new to creating video content, this was the best conference I have attended in quite some time. So much energy, collaboration, and knowledge sharing. I am registered for #videomarketingworld20

- Michael G., TX
"Fantastic job with the speaker lineup - for people who are so successful at what they do, this lineup was also very approachable, giving and encouraging, which blew me away. What really set this conference apart is exactly what you sought out to create...something that felt like a family reunion."

- Tiffany M., TX
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